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Our mission is to help individuals and corporations to determine and achieve their financial and fund raising goals through a comprehensive financial planning process. Our role is that of an independent and trusted financial counselor, providing personalized service with uncompromising integrity...

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Private Project Development Funding

McGrennox Finance is an expert specialist in funding all types of private property and infrastructural development including

McGrennox Finance has completed transactions across Australia, USA and Europe ranging from Commercial Properties developments to large developments in the aforementioned region.

The key to successfully funding projects is the presentation of your development. McGrennox Finance is reknowned for its professional presentations of proposals.

Every development project is different so it is not possible to specify the terms of funding available without looking at the details of your project. You should call us to discuss what you need.

At times up to 100% of the cost of a development can be funded using the resources McGrennox Finance has in treasury.

Corporate Infrastructural Project Funding

The lending market changes all the time. Interest rates and lending criteria shift.

Because McGrennox maintain a progressive contact with the lenders active in the market, we know at any time which lenders would provide the best funding for you. We also are experienced in funding earthquake strengthening works.

Basically McGrennox will approach about 5 top Global lenders and tender your Project finance facility. This ensures that the best possible terms are offered.

As well as the trading banks we also maintain relationships with the non bank lenders in the Australia, USA, and European market. These lenders may provide a better option where:

As McGrennox Finance usually charges a fee on a success basis; there is no downside for you in asking us to review your existing property or project loans and advising on their restructuring or refinancing.
For your perfect Project Funding, please contact us.